Top 10 Amazing Apps to Save Instagram Videos on iPhone and Android In 2021

Have you ever come across a regular video, reel, or IGTV video on Instagram and wished with all your heart to save it? Well, you are not alone here. We all have felt some time or the other. But the saddest reality is, Instagram does not let us save videos outside the app. But then, there is nothing that can stop us, the tech-savvy users to get our heart’s desires fulfilled.


Here is a list of top apps to save Insta videos on your mobile phones, iPhone or Android.


  1. InsTake Downloader – 

    Let us tell you, this one is only for the Android platform. You can download any video from the social media app to your mobile phone’s memory with this app. You can install it from the Google Play Store, just like the 10 million users, who have already done it. With the InsTake Downloader, you can also download images, including profile pictures. For all content, there is no limit to the number of downloads on this app.

  2. Instant Save – 

    As the name implies, it is meant to download the picture and video content from the social media app to your phone memory. You can do that through a series of simple steps, like copying the URL and pasting it into the app. However, if you want to post the videos or pictures elsewhere, make sure you give due credit to the owner to prevent copyright infringement issues.

  3. InSaver –

    This app is meant for iPhone and iPad users only. Although it has a cluttered interface with ads, the process of saving videos is quite seamless and uncomplicated. All you have to do is, copy the link of the post and open the app, which will then give you the options to watch or save it. Choose the right function and save it within few seconds.

  4. Story Saver & Video Downloader –

    One of the best Instagram video downloader apps, the Story Saver & Video Downloader helps you save Insta videos, reels, stories, or IGTV videos on your mobile phones without any hassle. Just copy the link and paste it into the app to get your video ready. And yes, it is free.

  5. Saver Reposter –

    Now, this app not only helps you save videos from Instagram but also reposts them with even the original hashtags. It is best for fan pages and business accounts that tend to repost several images or videos regularly. Compatible with both Android and iOS, the app also offers a background downloading option. 

  6. FastSave for Instagram

    – It is a simple app that helps you download videos from Instagram in an uncomplicated manner. Also, it is a small app that does not take much memory space and is free of cost. It also enjoys a 4.2 rating on the app stores and over 10 million downloads.

  7. Regrammer 

    – The app is only for iPhone users and helps you save and repost Instagram stories, pictures, feed videos, IGTV videos, and reels without any hassle. You can download numerous videos, but if you wish to save unlimited videos, choose the pro version of the app. There is no need to sign in, and the saved videos are without any watermark.

  8. Quick Save

    – The app is for Android users only and offers to download your favorite videos or images from Instagram. It also has an in-built editing tool to add filters to the saved images, crop or edit them according to your needs and preferences. One can also try grid styling and photo split effects on this app.

  9. DownloadGram 

    – Now, this is not an app, but a web application that you can access from your browser. If you do not wish to install another app on your Android and iPhone, you may use this tool t download Insta videos rather quickly. All you have to do is copy the URL of the video and paste it into the search box. The video will be downloaded after you tap the right option.

  10. Downloader for Instagram 

    – This is, by far, the best Instagram video downloader app for both Android and iPhone users. With its simple and clutter-free interface and small size, it is a convenient app for mobile users. Just copy the URL and open this app to save your favorite videos from Instagram.


Do you need any other suggestions to download videos from social media? Feel free to connect or comment!

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