The television industry is an important pillar of the entertainment industry. It is regarded as one of the earliest revolutionizing discoveries that helped in increasing the reach of the entertainment industry. With time, the cable industry developed and currently, we live in an era of digital satellite television networks. This satellite facility provides a wide variety of channels with high-quality content. Compared to the traditional cable networks, the satellite facility offers more options in terms of channels. Also, the content is more diverse as there are several international and regional channels as well. The companies that provide these satellite facilities offer a few packages at different prices. This article will provide you with comprehensive lists about the latest DSTV packages and prices along with channels list.

List of DSTV Packages and Prices

  • Premium package @829/month
  • Plus package (Compact) @539/month
  • Compact package @409/month
  • Family package @295/month
  • Access package @115/month
  • Easy view package @29/month

The package options are quite diverse in terms of channels and prices. These have been framed to cater to the economic and entertainment needs of all segments of the population.

Channels List

This segment would include DSTV packages with channels list. Here’s a list for the premium package:


  1. Movies & Entertainment: Several channels are included in the movies and entertainment segment. Majority of the channels can be found in the 100-200 channel number range. Apart from this, a few channels can also be found from 450-1520. Some of the most prominent channels include- DStv, M-Net series, Universal, Discovery, Comedy Central, BBC Brit, Colors, etc.
  2. Documentaries & Lifestyle: Several documentary and lifestyle channels are also present in the DSTV packages. They are both informative and entertaining. They provide information about the lives of important personalities. Also, they discuss lifestyles of popular global figures and make suggestions about new styles of living. This segment includes channels like Via, Discovery HD, BBC Lifestyle, Food Network, National Geographic, etc.
  3. Free Channels: This segment includes a series of free channels like the SABC series, e.TV, Soweto, Bay, etc.
  4. Sports: This part includes popular sports channels that cover sports events from across the world and domestically too. These channels cover almost every sport that is played throughout the world. There is a dedicated series of channels to watch the Olympics. Apart from these, there are other famous channels from the Star Sports series, ESPN series, etc.
  5. Kids & Teen: The young population/children watch a lot of TV. In fact, TV is sometimes used as an incentive by parents for children to get things done. Cartoon channels are highly liked and watched by children. DSTV channels include some famous cartoon channels that show a whole range of cartoons. Channels like cartoon network, nickelodeon, Disney, etc. are all included in this segment.
  6. Music: Music channels are an important part of the DSTV packages. In places with a crowd, TVs are used to play music. These include spaces like gyms, restaurants, bars, etc. This includes channels from the MTV series, Trace series, etc.
  7. Religion: Several religious channels are also included in the DSTV channels. These have been included to cater to the needs of a specific group of viewers. These include channels like Faith, Dumisa, etc.
  8. News & Commerce: A major purpose of watching TV for many people is to learn about global events. This includes watching the news, learning about politics, national and international events. Also, television serves the needs of the business industry as it provides commercial news as well. These include channels from the CNN series, BBC, Al Jazeera and other major national and international channels. For the channels list of other packages, you can visit the official DSTV website.

Assisted Services

To make changes to your package, you may refer to the official DSTV website. You can find contact details of various personnel on the website itself.



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