AirPods Case Not Charging? Here Are 8 Quick Solutions

In case you are facing issues with charging your Airpods (not charging to 100%, not holding a charge, or isn’t showing the light when charging), then you are at the right place. Keep reading!

Here are 8 quick fixes that you can try:

Try Updating Your Airpods Firmware

If you have not updated your Airpods firmware for a while now, then there are chances that you might have missed an update. That might be the reason behind the charging issues. Try to update the firmware and then follow the other fixes that I am going to talk about.

Try Not to Use an Extension

If you use an extension for charging your Airpods case, then try to switch to a wall socket. The extension might have some issue and that could be the reason behind the charging issues. Once you switch to a wall socket, it might get resolved!

Try Using a Different Cable

In case your charging case is not getting charged, then try to use the cable that came along with the case. Try to use MFI certified cables because the cables which are not MFI certified might have connectivity issues which might lead to charging issues. Try switching the cable and your problem might be resolved!

Try Cleaning the Charging Port of the Case

Try cleaning the charging port of your Airpods case. Dirt and lint might get stuck at these ports, and that might be the reason why you’re facing the charging issues. Make sure not to use something metallic or wet while cleaning the charging port, because that might lead to a short circuit and might even break the Airpods case!

Try Resetting the Airpods Case

Troubleshooting is something that works for a lot of things, so it might work for this too. So, if you reset your Airpods case, the operating system is going to get cleared. This might even resolve the charging issue!

Try Charging the Airpods Charging Case

It might sound a little confusing but you need to charge the charging case if you want to charge your Airpods. Try plugging a lightening cable into the charging case’s lightening connector. The other end of the lightening cable need to be plugged into a wall charger or a USB port. The charging case might take a few hours to get fully charged. After that, try charging your Airpods, and it might work!

Try Charging Your Airpods

This might sound weird, but often times it happens that you forget to put your Airpods on charge even though you think that you have! Try dropping the Airpods into the charging case just to be sure! In case the charging light comes on, there might be nothing wrong with the Airpods. Put your Airpods inside the charging case, close the lid, and put the charging case, along with the Airpods, on charge! Try charging it for at least 15 minutes and make sure to use the MFI certified cable that came along with your Airpods! In case you have a wireless charging case and you use a Qi-compatible charger, then try placing the case in a way that the status light faces up! Ideally, the light will stay turned on for a few seconds and then it will be off while the charging will still continue! If that is not what is happening, then reposition the case!

Try Checking Your Connections

Always check whether the Lightning to USB cable is plugged in firmly into the USB power adapter and charging case! Also, check whether the power adapter is plugged correctly into the power outlet! In case you use a QI compatible charger, make sure that one end of the cable is firmly plugged into the power outlet and the other end is plugged into the charger!




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