Authentic Ways To Link Building Through Content Marketing 2018

Link building can become an absolute nightmare in 2018. Gone are the days when a person can simply buy links. Links are still being given importance while ranking. But it’s not just any link that will allow you to rank high. High authority links from reputable sites are the requirement. But, how do we achieve this? Check out these genuine and effective means of link building through content marketing 2018 to know what to do.

Content marketing: A brief overview

What is content marketing? The term content marketing is quite confusing, to say the least. Mostly because of the vague ideas it present in the mind of different marketers who look at it differently. For some, it is merely guest blogging campaign while others focus on the data analytics and infographics. In reality, there is no fixed way towards best content marketing and it is mostly a series of hit-and-trial mixed with marketing acumen and a good amount of common business sense that leads to the best content marketing strategy. Every marketer might have a different approach towards content marketing. However, there are few basic strategies that will allow better link building through content marketing.

Here is a list of the best link building through content marketing 2018 strategies that you may try out if you are uncertain.

Link building through

The strategies are split up into low-budget and medium-budget strategies. However, the budget does not refer to buying links. With the recent Google updates, it will not just be foolish but suicidal if you start buying backlinks without concentrating on quality.

Whether you are working on a low, medium or high budget, the following link building strategies will work perfectly if executed to perfection.

  • White Papers and Case Studies: Every business values knowledge. If you have a success-story make sure you share it in the form of case studies. Do you provide impressive service or product or have something that stands out from the rest? The White Paper might just be the best way to present it to your audience. Good case-studies and white papers generate high organic backlinks.
  • Data analysis: Data is invaluable. You can refer to any number of data published by a reputable source and build content around it, analyzing and presenting your views on the topic. That’s an effective way of link building through content marketing. Make sure you prepare some great infographics too.
  • Guest blogging: If you can prepare high-quality content that will add value to other sites, guest blogging is a great way to generate some quality links from high authority domains.
  • Expert content: Having an expert contributor on any topic is a great link building strategy. It generates organic link through referrals. Moreover, the expert is also interested in backlinking speaking about the contribution.
  • Market research and survey: Unique data always increases brand value. This can be costly for some businesses, but definitely one of the most effective link-building through content marketing strategies of all time.


Link building is important, but so is the quality of the link. Content marketing strategies help the most with link building and achieving SEO goals.

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