B.O.V –   The Business Edge You Have Been Looking For

The design of the container plays a huge role when it comes to dispensing aerosols such as perfumes or other liquid-based particles. The convenience and effectiveness of the container decide how efficiently the contents received the customers. Bag-on-valve technology is a breakout in this genre.

As compared to standard containers, B. O. V takes an entirely different approach by ensuring the product is entirely isolated from the walls of the container. This ensures the product stays a 100% toxin-free and safe. This also ensures the container is recyclable hence making the product eco-friendly as well.

Filling Process And Application: Taking A Closer Look

The technology used behind B. O. V involves a pouch-like structure which is crimped at one end and the other end is attached to the valve. This is referred to as the cup gassing method which ensures there is no contact between the propellant and the product at any given time.

The method has drawn attention from different areas and is now finding extensive applications. This technique is now used in a various range of cosmetics such as lotions and sprays. Another filed of extensive use in the medical arena where almost all aerosols including wound washes and sprays make use of the BOV technology. These are also implemented in fire extinguishers and disinfectants.

Advantages Of BOV

The major benefits lying with this improvement over the conventional method is the near zero contamination level of the content stored. Companies such as SignatureFllingCompany.com can help you if you are looking for B.O.V containers.  Some other benefits include the below:

  1. Increased efficiency: Around 99.95% of the content can be sprayed out the valve which is much more efficient.
  2. Sustainability: This technique is more environmentally friendly as compared to the rest of the options for filling techniques and hence is being adopted by more companies every day. A lot of companies that keep sustainability as part of their moto opt for this technology over the rest.
  3. Suitable for use liquids, aerosols and viscous products alike.
  4. Non-flammable: This is a major advantage over the conventional method as it uses a combination of air and nitrogen as a propeller. With the introduction of a separate chamber for the content, it takes away the highly pressurized chamber out of the equation, hence making the product much safer to use.
  5. Recyclable and environmentally safe: The outer casing is normally made out of Aluminium and the absence of hazardous materials makes this an efficient replacement for all your aerosol requirements.
  6. Effective filling process with a 360-degree actuation that allows spraying from all angles.
  7. Longer shelf life and a controlled spraying pattern ensuring uniform distribution and minimal wastage.
  8. The product can be sterilized by passing through gamma radiation. This is a common practice in pharmaceutical applications and is used for extensive testing of components and ingredients to ensure higher endurance towards radiation.
  9. Higher thermal resistance: This method is suitable to withstand harsh climate conditions. The product performs equally well under extremely cold conditions as well as in places with hot weather.


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