9 Best Background Remover Apps for Android And iPhone Users in 2021

Photo bombers are not always cute, especially when they appear on your images by accident. They can damage the entire effect. Not only people, but you may also even wish to erase your background if it appears cluttered or dirty. Only if you had the magic tool to erase the background, replace it, or make it hazy!


Wait, you do have that magic!


Here is a list of the best background eraser app for Android and iPhone users –

  1. TouchRetouch

    – A cool background editor for both Android and iPhone users, the TouchRetouch app not only helps you remove backgrounds but also other elements that may damage the quality of your image. Besides portraits and selfies, they can also enhance the quality of landscape pictures by removing unnecessary elements, like power lines.

  2. Pixelmator 

    – A Photoshop alternative for Apple Smartphone users, it has endless background editing features to make your images perfect. You can erase your background, or clone any element to use in other images, besides enjoying other functionalities on the Pixelmator.

  3. Cut Out 

    – As the name suggests, you can cut out the background of an image and replace it with something more attractive on this app. It does not reduce the quality of the resultant image. You can also a default text editor and stickers on this app to make your images social media-ready. However, the app is only for Android users.

  4. Apowersoft Background Eraser

    – With a user rating of 4.3, this app is undoubtedly the best background eraser app for Android and iPhone users. It uses AI technology to cut out the foreground or object in focus from an image to place it somewhere else with a better background. It can remove backgrounds from complicated images with numerous elements without much hassle. One of the most reliable apps for Smartphone users, Apowersoft Background Eraser has a size of 57.5 MB.

  5. Remove. bg

    – This web app can remove backgrounds from pictures with a face in the foreground. Simple and easy-to-use, this app is available online for free. Just upload your image and start editing.

  6. Background Eraser 

    – Also meant for both Android and iPhone users, the Background Eraser is a simple app that can make your backgrounds transparent with a few taps. You have to use an eraser to remove the background manually though. The resultant images can be used as stamps in a collage or saved in the phone memory.

  7. Knockout 

    – The Knockout Background Eraser and Mix Photo Editor offers to remove backgrounds quite professionally, giving you HD images with transparent backgrounds. You can cut these images and paste them on another background to complete the effect. If erasing background elements near intricate areas, like the hair, seems difficult to you, this is the best app for such functions. Plus, it is also an amazing photo editor.

  8. Ultimate Background Eraser

    – Meant for Android users only, this app comes with a series of tools to help you cut out backgrounds, and edit your pictures professionally. However, the background-removing effect s automated, so you do not have to put in much effort. It also has the manual eraser though. Choose the tools that seem the most convenient for you.

  9. Eraser

    – A background erasing app for iPhone users, Eraser has a smart background recognition system to remove them easily and automatically. No manual effort is required. The resultant images are of the best quality and finish.


If you need more information about background erasing and image-editing, feel free to drop a comment.


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