Benefits of Automating Your Cold Storage Warehouse

The cold storage industry is experiencing a new wave of advanced automation and robotics, dramatically changing the way the cold storage supply chain has functioned so far. With the world getting smaller and businesses going global, the need for an efficient and error-free supply chain has caused the cold storage industry to look for solutions that increase efficiency and minimize costs and effort.

Here are three key benefits of automating your cold storage warehouse using advanced robotics and Internet of Things (IoT).

Greater accuracy

Automation improves accuracy in the supply chain by improving the staging and picking processes. Automated systems can be customized and processes can be scheduled to meet stringent deadlines and delivery schedules. In addition to working 24×7, automated systems also improve accuracy rate by picking the right products to be shipped.

Combining advanced industrial automation solutions with IoT and data analytics, warehouses can achieve significant cost savings and adapt their supply chain processes to the changing needs of their consumers. While cold storage workers are rightfully concerned that automation may take away their jobs in the future, it has been seen that a combination of human and robotic intelligence can significantly improve business process outcomes.

Minimum wastage and spoilage

The cold storage supply chain has always suffered from the double menace of spoilage and contamination, triggered either by equipment failure or unforeseen changes in storage temperature. With the advent of IoT, food companies are now able to monitor temperatures in real time and address issues swiftly, which helps minimize loss due to contamination and spoilage.

Industrial automation helps warehouses save both time and money. For instance, automating the complex task of stock rotation can help ensure that the older items are moved first and stale items are removed from the system. Robotics and IoT enable cold storage staff to track expiry dates, find the expired products and initiate the discarding process.

Moreover, the automated temperature control system saves cold storage employees the trouble of having to manually check freezer temperatures every day.

Greater opportunity

Cold storage is not only used by the food industry; several other industries rely on refrigerators and freezers to store their goods and raw materials. Take for instance the medical industry, which utilizes cold storage to store and test new and improved medication.

Surgeons use cold storage for protecting human tissue and drug manufacturers use it to transport drugs to far-off locations. Automation allows drug companies and medical professionals to test and experiment new treatments without having to worry about contamination or spoilage.

If you’re looking for a reliable building automation service with vast experience in serving the cold storage industry, check out, a company at the forefront of building next-generation automation solutions for cold storage, manufacturing, and medical equipment sterilization for nearly two decades.

Automation is being explored by a number of different industries (shampoo manufacturers, for instance) that are using cold storage in their warehouses to ensure their products feel fresh and look brand-new when they reach the end consumer.

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