The 15 Best Plex Alternatives You Must Try in 2021

Plex isn’t free and the basic version is not that impressive. Here are some alternatives that you can consider.

  1. Streama

It has a Netflix-inspired player and a viable UI. You can navigate quickly through the whole collection, and if you want you can even arrange all the files according to your choice.

  1. Subsonic

It is the best among all the alternatives as it serves as your total and personal media server and can stream both audios and videos. It can preserve various video and audio formats.

  1. Infuse

Here, you don’t need cables for transferring videos. You can directly import videos from Dropbox, Google Drive, iTunes, Airdrop, etc. It has an extremely clean UI and also covers various multi-lingual movies.

  1. MediaTomb

It is a free media server with a fine web user interface. Computerized media can be streamed through the home system. You can view them on several UPnP compatible devices.

  1. Ampache

It has an easy-to-use and clean UI. You can stream your audio files and music and it almost works like file manager. It offers HTML5 player that allows you to stream your music on the web.

  1. Stremio

It has a minimalistic and easy-to-use UI. Set up process is simple. It has a calendar function as well. It also has video-on-demand services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

  1. Windows Media Services

The UI looks clean and is very simple to use. It supports MP3 and JPEG formats. It isn’t pre-installed, so you need to download it manually. Generating streaming media is smooth. It offers useful tools that help you in managing your data.

  1. TVersity

It allows you to stream your media from your PC to UPnP gadgets, cell phones, and DLNA. Your photos, movies, and music get automatically arranged in TVersity. As a result, your collection always remains well-organized and up-to-date.

  1. MediaPortal

It offers plugin support and several media-organizing tools. You can also do scheduling and can also record live TV.

  1. Mezzmo

The metadata and artwork are great-looking. It is also available as an android app that has its own media server.

  1. Serviio

After you install this app, you can simply add the media you want to play in Serviio from either online or from your system.

  1. JRIver Media Center

It has a very simple interface and also has several inbuilt editing tools. It supports formats like DRM, DLNA, and P2P formats.

  1. Universal Media Server

It allows you to stream photos, videos, and audios in smart TVs, Android devices, iPhone, Xbox360, PS4, etc. It supports every format. There is also a web browser interface that is optional.

  1. Jio TV

It supports a lot of Add-ons, that provide you Image decoder, Weather info, customization, etc. You can also operate it when the distance between your phone and home theater is 10 feet.

  1. Emby

It has a simplistic and easy-to-use interface for storing your media files like videos, audios, and photos. It has a parental control feature and also offers Alexa support.


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