Blackberry Key3 5G 2022: Price, Release Date & Full Specs

This year, BlackBerry, which is renowned for producing the best smartphones, will introduce a new model. A band will be the smartphone. It is likely to have a battery with high storage and a display with a very high resolution compared to its previous versions. Additionally, it will incorporate cutting-edge elements like augmented reality and virtual reality.

The smartphone is expected to be available in stores soon. This phone is believed to be one of its kind. It has included an in built fingerprint scanner and comparatively has a better resolution than the previous blackberrys. The phone has four sensors, two sensors concealed beneath the top bezel, and two on the phone’s back.

People nowadays don’t just use their phones for calling and texting purpose, But the phone has lot more than just this, they use them for photography blogs, video editing, watching movie and many more. Also, it has grown to be a significant aspect of day-to-day life, and are being used by everyone for a variety of purposes, such as gaming, photography, and other requirements. Phones have become a requirement and a phone like the BlackBerry Florence is believed to have good picture quality, the fastest processor, a good battery life, and a simple user interface, is all that you need.

Expected Release Date

The Edge 5G, Blackberry’s most recent smartphone, will soon be available in stores worldwide. However, when will you be able to obtain it? Though the final date for the device’s availability in the stores isn’t out yet. Nevertheless, people are aware that the device will be available in mid-2022.

Expected Price

The price for the Blackberry Edge 5G 2022 in the US, India, and Bangladesh could soon start to rise. The costs will be in the range of $1,150, Rs. 85,260, and $97,900. Depending on the storage of the smartphone, the price could go up or down.



The design of the coming Blackberry smartphone is stunning. The first thing you’ll notice about it is its beautiful design. The smartphone has a sizable 6.9-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16 million color options and Corning Gorilla Glass 7 protection. You can see the complete Blackberry B-bold specifications here.

The latest processor and operating system ensure a very smooth experience when using this new smartphone. It will run Android 12, the most recent version of Android, on a cutting-edge Snapdragon 888 5G CPU.

Many people often complain about the storage on their smartphones. And storage is counted as the most important aspect of a phone. Even before you buy a phone, you look at its storage capacity and RAM. With the latest Blackberry model, you don’t have to worry about storage as it includes 256/512 GB of internal storage and 10/12 GB of RAM to address this issue. The phone also comes with an in-built slot for an external memory device, which provides you with an alternative if you want to increase the phone’s storage capacity to higher levels.


Everyone uses their phone as a camera nowadays. But clicking a perfect picture could be a task every time. The new BlackBerry comes with an in-built quad tool for all your pictures. It contains a huge 108 MP sensor in addition to 32 MP, 16 MP, and 5 MP sensors. The front camera of the new BlackBerry comes with a flash light and a massive 64 MP for the most stunning selfies.

Another extraordinary feature of this magical device is its long battery life. This amazing smartphone will ship with a huge 6900 mAh non-removable battery. This phone comes with a fast charger like your latest Apple devices, which can recharge the battery by up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Furthermore, not just the picture quality and battery life, this latest BlackBerry comes with updated security technology. The device has face unlock as well as fingerprint recognition features. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile hotspots, dual SIM cards, and 5G technology like BlackBerry Flow are also included as advanced connectivity choices.

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