Can I Use A PS3 Controller on a PS4 Console?

Being someone who has invested into a gaming set, we always want the maximum out of the product that we had bought. Over time, world has seen the PSPs evolve a lot and they have proved to be a successful and loved product all over the world. The list of fans is long and it is no surprise that a lot of people have different versions of PS. This also implies that we have a list of people who might have both the PS3 controller and a PS4 console.

Will PS3 Controller work?

Considering the official announcements, they clearly state that the PS3 controller is not compatible with the PS4 console. Unfortunately, the people with PS4 console also need to buy a remote for the same. However, there is a reason behind it. There are a large number of features in DualShock 4 which are comparatively new to features in PS3. Another reason due to which PS3 controller cannot be used with PS4 is lack of compatibility of PS4 with PS3 games.

Controllers compatible with PS4

Now we know exactly that the PS3 Bluetooth remote and the PS3 controller is not compatible with the console of PS4. Although it is not ideal for all sorts of gamers, but there are various alternatives which are equivalent to PS4 and are also completely compatible to the console of PS4. Some third-party Dualshock 4 controllers along with all the first-party Dualshock 4 controllers are compatible with PS4 console. The list of controllers also includes various controllers from the brands such as Razer and Hori. The two best compatible controllers with PS4 console are Sony DualShock4 controller and the SCUF Vantage 2 Wired Customizable Controller. Anyone willing to find a compatible alternative to PS4 can buy these controllers online and enjoy using these controllers.

Charging PS3 controlled on PS4 console

Though, we are not capable of using a PS3 controller with a PS4 console but another use possible from the two items is charging. By simply connecting the PS3 controller to the PS4 console with the help of USB, it is possible to charge the PS3 controller. This is a great advantage for all the full time gamers as while they will be enjoy using the PS4 console, the same time they can charge their controllers and get rid of any sort of downtime. It should be kept in mind that in order to charge the controller, the console should be kept switched on all the time.

Is there a solution?

Although it is not advised to do so, but there are certain ways in which the PS3 controller can be modified and made compatible with the PS4 controller. In order to achieve this, several people use controller converter. Many companies have started concentrating on providing ways through which gamers can use same controllers for their favourite games. Hence, they came out with controller adapters. These adapters may allow you to use your PS3 controller on other consoles, but many people still feel that such adapters can ruin the controllers permanently.




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