How can you create funny photos on your iPhone or android?

If you want to have a little bit of fun with your friend’s pictures or if you want to create something artistic to impress your social media fans, this article is for you. It will show you how to make funny images on your iPhone and Android using the most fun picture apps. These amusing photo generator apps provide a variety of unique features and enable you to make hilarious images. All these apps are available on iOS and android both.

Let’s explore apps for Creating Hilarious Photos

  1. Photo Lab- Best Fun Photo App

It is a multipurpose photo editing app with a variety of tools and options for creating funny images. It is the most amusing photo app for your smartphone if you want to add hysterical effects to your photos. This app has 900+ artwork effects, expert photo editing tools, hands-on photo effects, photo assortment builder tools, fun photo effects, fun face montages, and many other features are included in the app.


  1. MixBooth – Make Funny Photos

Mixbooth is one of the best fun picture creator apps for smartphone users. It allows you to combine two faces to create a new image. MixBooth is the perfect app for your iOS or Android if you want to make funny images and share them with your friends and family. You simply need to choose a photo from your gallery and then adjust the marks; you will then be given the option to combine your photo with other amusing faces. For creative smartphone users, this is a very useful and enjoyable photo editing software with a lot of features.


  1. FaceApp – Funny Photo Maker App

One of the best photo apps for making naturally funny images. This app creates photo effects that are so realistic, that you won’t be able to find the difference between the added effects and the original photo. It will provide your picture a variety of effects, including a smiling face effect, a younger and older photo effect, gender transformation, and many more. This app can entirely change your look virtually.


  1. YouCam -Fun Face Filters

This is the best selfie photo app with a lot of fun photo effects along with AR face filters. This app is the best option for your smartphone if you want to record live video with AR face filters.

The app includes live stickers and effects for images, videos, as well as live photo filters, video effects, and a variety of photo effects such as hairstyles, animal effects, and other face effects.


  1. ImgLabs 25+ Fun Tools: Funny Photo Maker App

This is a Unique photo editor with over 25 fun resources for making funny images that drastically changes your appearance. It is a full-featured photography app with photo editing software, an Instagram square collage creator, amusing photo stickers, and a variety of other tools. If you are a creative person, you will enjoy this app because it contains a variety of fun resources, such as a text tool for adding captions and creating memes.

On your iPhone or iPad, this is a great app for making funny images.


Try out all your creativity with these apps and have fun.

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