Digital Market Competition Thickens With Microsoft First Cloud Region In Gulf

Microsoft first cloud region in Gulf has been announced and it seems like this is merely the beginning of the digital battle in the Middle East among the tech giants. However, this is one battle which every country in the Middle East will benefit from greatly. Cloud computing has shown its immense potential and benefits across the world and has allowed the immense progress of advanced search techniques and technologies such as the IoT (Internet of Things) technology. It is not long before advanced cloud computing will take over the entire world and we will enter an era of hyper speed computing. It looks like the countries of the Middle East are also realizing the true potential and benefits of advanced cloud computing and the demand has been growing steadily.

Microsoft first cloud region in Gulf aimed towards market domination

It has been over two decades that Microsoft has had a strong presence in the Gulf region. While the developed nations adopted cloud computing pretty early on, the Gulf region has been slow in the adoption. This also means that Microsoft has the opportunity to take lead and develop the Microsoft Cloud market faster than other competitors.

As per Microsoft Gulf Regional General manager Sayed Hashish, Microsoft has a major stake in the Middle East and has always had strong business ties. The recent increase in demand for advanced cloud computing technology in the Gulf made it the logical choice to have local data centers. This also opens up huge scopes for further future developments. Microsoft is looking forward to providing a boost to the digital development in the region, and also to develop better intelligence services aimed at providing the main support for the holistic development of the Middle East region.

What’s included in Microsoft first cloud region in Gulf

Microsoft Cloud regions are slated to going online in 2019. At the moment the cloud regions will be developed in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Microsoft Cloud will bring with it the usual services which include Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365.

The Gulf region will be an addition to the already existing 50 Microsoft Cloud regions across the globe. Besides the Gulf, Microsoft is also going to launch new cloud regions in Switzerland having the data centers located in Zurich and Geneva, which will also come online in 2019. There will be an addition in Germany as well and Microsoft Cloud is available across France already. Overall, there is going to be an addition of 12 more cloud regions by Microsoft in the coming year.

Future of cloud computing after Microsoft first cloud region in Gulf comes online

As already mentioned, the Gulf has been late in the adoption of cloud computing. However, all that is going to change with the Microsoft first cloud region in Gulf. Amazon has already announced the development of its own cloud region in Bahrain which is going to be operational in one year. This leaves Google, the only other major player in the segment, to announce its plans for the Gulf. The digital competition around cloud computing is certainly heating up!

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