Downloading PUBG Lite

PUBG got banned by the Indian government last September. Since then, people have been searching the other available options of the Battle Royale game. You no longer need to search for options because now you can play PUBG Lite on your phone or your PC. You no don’t need to surf the internet for downloading PUBG lite. The guide to download PUBG lite is here. All you have to do is follow some simple steps and you can enjoy and play the game on your mobile or on your PC.

Downloading PUBG Mobile Lite

You can’t download this game from the Google Play Store. You need to use some other software like OBB and APK file.

Installing PUBG Mobile Lite APK File

  • At first, you need to download the PUBG Mobile Lite APK file. Then you have to open Mobile Data File Download Settings. After that, click on “Unknown Sources”.
  • Then you have to install the APK file on your phone.
  • After installing the file, go to Google Play Store and search the Zarchiver App. Then you have to install that app on your mobile phone.
  • After installing the app, you have to extract the file from the Android memory or an SD card.
  • You are all set to play and enjoy the game on your mobile!

Installing PUBG Mobile Lite OBB File

  • At first, you have to download the PUBG Lite on your mobile.
  • Then you have to save this PUBG Lite OBB file in your phone. You can save it with any name you want to!
  • Then you have to unzip the OBB file that you just downloaded. Try running it on your mobile!
  • When you run it, the PUBG Mobile Lite will get started on your phone.
  • You are all set to play and enjoy the game on your mobile!

Downloading PUBG Lite on PC

Every game requires certain system configuration! SO, before you install any game on your PC, it will be better if you check the system configuration once, otherwise you will end up damaging your PC. If you want to install PUBG Lite on your PC, your PC must have a RAM of at least 4 GB. The GPU of your PC must be around DirectX11 Intel HD Graphics 4000. Your PC must have Windows 7, 8, 10 OS 64 bit. Your PC must have 4 GB HDD space before you install the game. These are the minimum system requirements for downloading PUBG Lite on PC.

Installing PUBG Lite on PC

  • At first, you need to go to the official website and download the PUBG Lite Launcher.
  • Then you have to download the PUBG Lite game on your PC. After downloading the game, you need to register for a new account.
  • Then go to the “downloads” folder on your PC. Install the PUBG Lite Launcher. Then you need to install the PUBG Lite game.
  • After installing PUBG Lite on your PC, you have to restart the game.
  • Once the game restarts, try logging in to your account once again.
  • Once you log in to your account, you are all set to play and enjoy the game on your PC!


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