Earnsmart, What Happened? Popular make disappears overnight

EarnSmart has been making quite some waves of late. It is a networking and marketing platform where you can earn money by playing games, spinning games, marketing activities, and selling e-books.

EarnSmart is a vast platform where people can earn a lot of money just by sitting at home and getting massive exposure to the unnoticed and supreme opportunities that the interment provides for users today. It also has a pyramid scheme with a business model that depends on the revenue generated from several new enrollments.

EarnSmart’s primary revenue is generated through referrals. It is known for its referrals. Apart from simple e-book selling and spinning games, the new sign-ups play a massive role for its users, which further pays for the legit and long-term pyramid scheme members.

How does Earnsmart agencies work?

Once you click on the EarnSmart link, you are asked to start with a Gold membership and pay an amount. You can skip it and activate your membership later.

EarnSmart Recruitment

Once you are a member at EranSmart, you are further asked to add more people to the scheme. Then you are provided with a link with your referral link. This link is for your personal use, and you can use it to recruit more people.

This program has many benefits and lets you earn up to level three.


  • Level 1 gives you a sum of 300 for every referral conversion, and you can add up to 4 referrals until you are upgraded to the next level.
  • Level 2: In the second level, instead of 300, you will get Ksh 100 for every referral you convert. And will only be able to do ten only.
  • Level 3: This level indicates all the referrals from levels 1 and 2 and gets you paid for the 17 conversions.

This is the last level up to which you can get recruited. This program by EarnSmartz has proved to be the best way to earn money for users.

By Playing Spinning Games

EarnSmart lets its users play games for Ksh. All you have to pay is just 30 units, and you can earn a considerable sum, up to Ksh 1000 in one day.

The game may increase your EarnSmart Earnings for lucky players, but if you place too many bets, especially if you have few referrals, you risk a loss.

By Selling e-Books

Additionally, EarnSmart provides free electronic books that you are free to market and sell to turn a profit. In addition, these eBooks include instructions on how to launch different enterprises in Kenya.

But marketing these e-books could be complex given Kenya’s small e-book market and the low number of consumers interested in buying books with freely available online material.

However, if you are a fantastic salesperson, you might be able to capitalize on this possibility for more income. Since it gives them to its members for free, the business is not dependent on this product to make money.

EarnSmart Legibility

The company is registered with the Kenya Government and is legit. It is legal. And you can use it.


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