Text messaging is a very common and widely used mode of communication. Ever since the invention of mobile phones, text messaging has been the go-to mode of communication between the users. It is a cheap and fast mode of sending and receiving messages and is highly efficient. However, several times we come across the message “message blocking is active”. Does this essentially mean that the other user has blocked you?

Not always. There are several reasons behind this message popping up and blocking happens to be one of them. A similar message that might pop up is “free msg: unable to send message-message blocking is active”. This article will enlist various reasons behind this message showing up and ways to solve it.

Reasons Behind Message Blocking is Active

  1. Blocklist

This is the most common reason behind this message being displayed. It can occur either when you have blocked someone or vice-versa. To verify this, you can try to call the other person. If the call goes through, then this isn’t the reason. If not, then one of you has blocked the other. Parental controls might also be a plausible reason in such cases.

  1. Service Outage

The “free msg: unable to send message-message blocking is activemight suggest that you are having service or connectivity issues. You might want to wait in such a scenario as only the service provider can resolve it.

  1. Short Code Issues

This error is of a technical nature, and it is often the reason behind such a message. Only expert technicians can solve it.

  1. Text Message App Restrictions

There might be a possibility that the messaging app does not work with certain carriers. In such a scenario, you must check if you can permit such messages manually. If not, then it might not be possible to address this issue.

  1. Data Plan Issues/Unsuitable Plan

You might have purchased a Data only plan. In this case, you will not be able to send text messages. Also, there are a couple of apps that need special plans for premium messages. In case you don’t have such a plan, then messages might not be delivered.

Ways to Resolve the Issue

To resolve this issue, several things can be done. These include basic troubleshooting, checking connection, sender details, etc. A few of them are mentioned below:

Troubleshooting Guide

  • Try restarting your mobile device.
  • Ensure that you are using your device network by switching off wifi.
  • Ensure that the date and time are correctly updated.
  • Ensure that the receiver is not in the block list.
  • Ensure that there are no third-party messaging apps.
  • Ensure that the Short Message Service Center is working correctly.
  • Ensure that you have an updated software version.
  • Try to delete older texts and threads.
  • Try messaging the same number through a different device and check if the message goes through. This can help you to figure out whether the problem is at your end or at the end of the other person.
  • Try clearing the messaging app cache and check for device maintenance in android devices.
  • In iOS, confirm whether the other person is still using an iPhone. If not, then turn off delivery through iMessage.

Other’s things that you might want to check and verify include:

  • Ensuring that the recipient’s number or mail is correct.
  • Ensuring proper coverage.
  • Ensuring that your number is working properly.
  • Try sending a simple text without any images, emojis, etc.
  • Ensuring that you have an active messaging plan.
  • Ensuring that you enter the correct country code in case of international texts.
  • If you are using the email to text facility, then images and videos cannot be shared. Only simple messages can be sent.
  • Try to power cycle or reset your phone by removing the battery and SIM card and then reinserting them.

How to Check if Someone has Blocked You?

In case you send a message & the ‘delivered’ text appears under the message, then the person has not blocked you. In case it shows ‘unable to send message’ or ‘not delivered’, then the other person might have blocked you.


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