The 10 Best Ways to Get Free Internet on Android Without Data Plan

Everyone needs internet a=in their day-to-day lives, and so people need to purchase data plans to have an access to internet. Imagine how much fun it would be if you could access internet fully for free without having to spend a penny? Sounds great right? Here are ten of the best ways by which you can get free internet without an actual data plan.

  1. VPN

Free WiFi is available at many public places like hotels, restaurants, railways, etc. But with this, comes the privacy concerns. So, a Virtual Private network or a VPN is going to provide you the safety and privacy you require while using free internet in public places.

  1. Databack App

Download this app on your mobile phone. This app will help you to save up a lot of data while you use internet. So, you can use this saved data later. You can even recharge your data plan without investing any money in the next month. You can refer this app to your friend and if he/she starts using the app, then you are going to get an additional 50MB free data.

  1. Gigato App

It is a free app and you can download it from Google Play. When you use it, it is going to earn you data. You will also be provided with a list of similar apps, while using this app.

  1. KickBit App

It is another free app that helps you to earn mobile data. All you have to do is take part in some surveys or some tasks. The app is going to provide you free data in return of the tasks you perform.

  1. Swagbucks

Firstly, this app is going to give you $5. This app will also help you to earn free data in return of the tasks you perform. You have to perform very simple tasks such as shopping, taking part in surveys, or watching a video, etc.

  1. Mcent

This is another app in which you can earn free internet. The features of this app are quite similar to the ones of the Gigato app. Install the app and open it. You will find a list of apps that you can install for free. Installing these apps will earn you free internet.

  1. Hotspot Finder App

This app will help you to find any hotspots available around you so that you can use the internet for free.

  1. FreedomPop

It is a mobile carrier and it provides you free data plans for your mobile phones. Signing up is very easy and is absolutely free.

  1. Wifi Password

You can install it from Google Play Store for free. You can scan all the available networks and protect yourself from hackers as it offers a very strong security.

  1. Avast WiFi Finder

It is a very user-friendly app that you can install for free. Once you download it, you will be capable of using free WiFi from your mobile phones anywhere.


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