PlayStation is the go-to gaming console for children, gamers and adults alike. It is equipped with multiple features to provide a complete gaming experience and is popular worldwide. Ever since the launch of the first PlayStation version, Sony has been leading the video gaming market. Its recent models like the PS4 totally redefine video gaming with their interactive features and smart user interface. However, as gaming aficionados, most of us must have faced the problem of having a faulty PS4 HDMI port. It is a common problem that most gamers experience. People usually get too worried about the PS4 HDMI port repair, its process, safety, costs, etc. However, there’s nothing to worry about. Here’s a complete guide that will assist you in getting to the root cause of your problem and resolve it. 

Detecting the Problem

Before you think about getting your console repaired, you must be able to identify the issue in the playstation’s port. HDMI port issues are not of the same type, infact, there are a number of types of port problems. Here are a few of them:

  1. Loose HDMI port: You might feel that the port is loose when you try to plug-in the cable and it doesn’t fit properly. The port consists of a number of HDMI pins. In these cases, either some pins go missing or break which results in a loose HDMI port. 
  2. Pushed-in HDMI pins: Sometimes, the pins are forcibly pushed in by the user while inserting the cable that damages the port. 
  3. Bent HDMI pins: Sometimes, the HDMI pins bend due to frequent plugging-in and plugging-out activity. This damages the HDMI port as well.


Sony Troubleshoot and Service Assistance

Given the number of port-related issues that surface, Sony provides an online troubleshooting and service assistance feature. As per Sony, there are a number of devices that don’t need repair and can be checked at home only. To start troubleshooting, you must go on the service page on Sony’s website. Following this, look for all troubleshooting options under picture & sound. If all the options get exhausted without finding a solution, it’s only then that you need to get it repaired. 

Repairing & Cost

The PS4 HDMI port can be repaired from either the Sony Service itself or any other outside repair facility. However, it is advisable to opt for the official service center. This is because replacing damaged ports requires significant expertise and experience. Also, getting it replaced from outside voids the warranty. Thus, one must look to opt for the official service center. The next question arises regarding the PS4 HDMI port repair cost. While the new port only costs $10, removing the old one and replacing it is expensive. Thus, in total it might cost you around $150 at the Sony service center & around $100 at an outside facility. 

In case, you wish to delay the replacing process and continue playing, you can enable remote play on your PlayStation. You can find a detailed manual about enabling remote play on the official website of Sony.  


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