The world has undergone a tremendous change in the way it works professionally and personally. Technology has made work easier, simpler, and more effective. Artists who make paintings, graphics, designs, etc. have quite liked the digital transformation. There now exist a number of high-quality platforms and apps that come with a number of professional features and tools.

The Procreate app is one such app that is highly liked by artists because of its versatile and high-quality features. It is the best when it comes to digital paintings and has an impressive user interface. However, the app is limited in its use when it comes to the type of devices that it supports. Procreate is specifically made for iOS devices with iPad iOS 13.2 or higher. Thus, it cannot be directly used on Windows. You’ll need an iOS emulator to get Procreate for Windows.

Requirements and Ways to get Procreate for Windows

Firstly, your device must at least have a 2GB RAM along with an updated graphic card to avoid any glitches. It can run only on operating systems with Windows 7, 8 or 10. The system must have 20 GB of free space on the hard disk (preferably 40). You may install Adobe Air or Visual C++ for better results. There are two ways to install Procreate on Windows OS.

Option 1: Download and install BlueStack/NoxPlayer on your PC. Then, sign in using your google credentials and search for Procreate. Click on Install and you’re good to go. ‘

Option 2: Use iPadian simulator. It uses an interface identical to iOS. While you can’t access the app store directly, you can access applications like Procreate.

Despite these options, many people still might not be able to use Procreate Windows.  They can use alternative apps like Krita, Autodesk Sketchbook, ArtRage, etc.

Procreate is not compatible with MacBook or iMAC as well. Users of these devices also have to use an iOS emulator. Procreate originally only runs on various models of iPad Pro, Ipad Mini, iPad Air.

Learning to Use Procreate

Working on any new software requires patience. First, you must acquaint yourself with the features and interface of the app. While you may directly try your hand on the app, it might lead to wastage of time and effort. It is better to learn some basics from external sources first, like YouTube tutorials from Bardot Brush, Art & Design. Platforms like Udemy and Skill Share even provide free tutorials and proper courses on using Procreate.

Is Procreate Worth Buying?

If we go by the reviews of various renowned artists, procreate is certainly worth the buy. In fact, it’s highly ranked globally due to its variety of features, tools, suggestive options and templates. It is suitable for all types of users- beginners & advanced. Using it on the latest devices with upgraded iOS and an apple pencil is altogether a different experience. For a lifetime cost of $9.99 with no hidden costs, it is worth the buy.



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