Iphone weigh scale. How to do it?

Ever wondered if your iPhone has a feature that could act as a weight scale? The answer is yes. For all the iPhone users out there, it is not a new feature. This feature has been there for a long time now. This function was implemented as early as 2015. Are you curious as to how to use the iPhone to weigh in? Let’s check it out.


With Touchscale, you can weigh items on your Apple mobile phone. Your 3D Touch Device is used as the scale. This is only supported with Apple phone models that enable 3D Touch. All you need is an iPhone 6 or 6s generation phone to the minimum. This Is the only criteria. Phones below generation 6 won’t support the feature and therefore can’t weigh things.

Touchscale Set up

Step one is to navigate your device Settings > then go to Accessibility > and click on Touch. Now you have to turn on “3D touch” and choose “3D and enable the feedback touch.” And you are all set to weigh goods directly on the iPhone by opening the “touch scale” website using the iPhone’s browser.



Please be especially careful not to place anything heavy or made of metal on the screen to prevent breaking or scratching. The item you’re weighing must also be conducive for the touchscreen sensor to work. For instance, you can’t consider a plastic bottle because the phone doesn’t detect anything touching the screen. To activate the iPhone and set the plastic bottle on top of the spoon, you will need to place something on the screen, such as a spoon. Subtract the weight of the scoop from the plastic bottle’s weight.

Finally, when you compare it to an electronic scale, you will see that it is not as precise, so have fun.


The logic behind the Touchscale functioning

Given that many measurements have a significant amount of inaccuracy, there appears to be at least a linear relationship between force and weight in the Touchscale theory by Apple. According to the experiments that were done for its relevance, A float was seen with a value between [0, 6.66666], which indicates the 3D Touch pressure. The weights [0 g, 337 g] correspond to this. It appears that 50g is roughly equivalent to one unit of force.

These experimentalists also found that the smallest granularity is 0.020833, which, according to their earlier findings, equates to roughly one gram by subtracting the last touch pressure from the current for each shift.

All these experiments on Touchscale working indicate that your iPhone should work as a gram-accurate scale with the proper calibration. There is one restriction: the capacitative touch screen needs to be able to identify the thing being weighed.

The screen’s sensitivity is insufficient to determine anyone’s heart rate.

People could obtain a somewhat accurate scale by simply dividing the 3D Touch force value by 0.0208333. Unfortunately, an object is required to activate a touch screen.


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