Learn App Building From Scratch In 8 Easy Steps

Apps have gained huge importance. App developers are high in demand and app development is a lucrative career prospect. But, how do you learn app building? How to build an app from scratch? We are faced with numerous such questions. While there is no magic solution to it all, there are steps that will certainly help.

How to learn app building at home?

First of all, no, you need not always enroll in a course to learn app building. The steps you are about to learn will help you anyway!

Steps to learn app building from scratch

If you have a computer and internet connection, you have all it needs to begin and learn app building from scratch.

Step 1: Start with the basics

It is important to start by learning the language. There are plenty of options available.

Start by learning Python or Ruby on Rails. These are for creating the foundation. However, you must not get too obsessed with these. Those who are planning on learning React or AngularJS must start by learning JavaScript first.

If you will be handling both front-end and back-end of development, you will need to learn HTML and CSS for the frontend part and SQL for handling database in the backend.

Once you are through these steps, it is time to focus on iOS development and Android Development.

Step 2: Identify your target genre

Your target genre should be something you love as well as that has high market demand. This is the perfect balance and will help you make money.

Step 3: Get an idea

No, this will not come in your dreams (or it may). You will have to identify the need of the market and come up with an idea. Take your time, and come up with something unique. And once you have your idea, have it on paper. Sketch it, or write it down.

Step 4: Plan UI flowchart

This is extremely important. Build a flowchart that shows how users will interact with your app. Make it detailed. Create a Data Flow Diagram (DFD) is necessary.

Step 5: Design the database

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) development is the first step. Identify the variables and create the ERD. A sequence diagram might be needed if your app interacts with the server.

Step 6: Draw the UX

Yes, literally, draw it at first. You need to be certain about how the UI will look. Make sure you have a concrete idea.

Step 7: Review

Review what you have done till now. Be critical of your work. Find out redundancies and see what can be done better.

Step 8: Start coding

Now you are all set to turn your planning into reality. You might need quite a lot of help at this point with debugging and coding various parts. Be patient and get a mentor. Do not forget testing the codes.

Publishing app in app stores

Once you have your app ready, you will need to get the developer accounts for every app store. You are now ready to release your app.

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