Books are often regarded as a man’s best friend. They are a repository of knowledge, fun, drama and entertainment. But have you ever wondered, what goes behind making a book successful and popular? The answer lies in the combination of two things- good content and good promotion and publishing. Gone are the days when only good content could make you a fortune. In today’s competitive world where everyone is so well-aware, a great deal of publicity and promotion is also required. The very first step lies in getting the book published from a reputed company. However, getting a book published is not an easy task. Many times, companies fail to produce the desired results due to their ignorance or lack of knowledge. It becomes extremely essential to choose the right publishing service in order to make one’s book a real success.

Getting a Book Published

In earlier times, not much emphasis was put on choosing a well-reputed successful publisher. But these days, this has become a vital factor in deciding the fate of a book. In fact, authors these days have started deviating from traditional publishing methods. They have started taking up self publishing methods to publish their books. However, not everyone can afford publishing services. For instance, youth writers who have just started writing may not be able to afford such services. This article brings to you a plausible solution to resolve this problem.

About MindStir Media

Founded in 2009 by J.J. Hebert, MindStir Media is the leading self-publishing agency. Mr. Hebert himself started as an ambitious writer. Today, he is a best-selling author as well as Amazon’s bestselling author. Mr. Hebert started this company with the view of helping the young novice writers. Certainly, the company has been able to fulfill his vision of helping youth writers. The company today has published hundreds and thousands of books. It operates in an extremely efficient and dynamic manner. In fact, the company even has strategic partnerships with the likes of Kevin Harrington, Daniel Bladwin and Mariel Hemingway.

Self Publishing and Other Services

MindStir Media offers a wide range of deals to its customers. It even goes beyond the conventional services and provides something extraordinary to its clients. Also, the company provides the option of customisation to its clients at reasonable prices. The company’s services are even beneficial in the long run. They value their clients- the authors. They let them retain the copyright over their work. In addition to this, the authors can also earn royalties on their work subsequently.

MindStir Media has some great offerings for its clients in terms of services and facilities; some prominent services offered by the company include..

  • Mentoring from a bestselling author;
  • Book designing, layout, presentation;
  • Professional editing;
  • Printing facility in different forms;
  • Marketing and publicity; and
  • Distribution

MindStir Media is certainly a reliable and credible platform that has been able to deliver terrific results. It is a wonderful platform for young writers to engage expert services in terms of review, marketing and publishing. Thus, when it comes to publishing and promotion, authors can certainly bank upon MindStir Media.

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