NBA 2K23:The Past League MVP Depletes His Prior Honor Now

High-rating Players make a MyTeam of good strength. And all players know in the game without NBA 2K 23 coins, it is hard to build a good team, we wouldn’t like to have any players of low quality or attributes.


As a matter of fact, one NBA MVP has the worst Shot IQ rating among all players in NBA 2K23. Of course, we’re discussing Russell Westbrook, who has had nothing but bad luck since signing with the Lakers. Your induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame is all but certain. It seems that in NBA 2K23, even this isn’t enough to ensure that you won’t be awarded the worst possible ratings. 


The Case in NBA 2K 23

LA Lakers guard Russell Westbrook took a beating from NBA 2K23 players when it was revealed that he has the NBA’s lowest Shot IQ rating of 25. There is no greater personal accolade in the NBA than to be named league MVP. The NBA 2K23 game gives Westbrook the lowest possible Shot IQ rating of 25. A high-volume shooter, Westbrook is a headache to deal with when computer-controlled. Oddly, his mid-range and 3-point shots might be fairly criticized for being overly high, perhaps as the result of the developer trying to make up for the incredibly low IQ. 


Although Westbrook has never shot more than 33 percent from three in his career, his mid-range score of 74 and his three-point shooting number of 72 are both rather high. Los Angeles Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook has had a rough start to the 2022–2023 NBA season. His club is now 0-3.

The Days Are Gone

The days of Westbrook being the most valuable player in 2017 are long gone, and his time with the famed west coast basketball team has been everything but fruitful. And now NBA 2K gamers are paying attention since the game’s developers have given him the lowest rating in the game overall for one particular category.


Over the course of the 2016–17 season, the guard’s athletic prowess stunned the basketball world. After ending the season with a triple-double average, which hadn’t been done since the 1960s, he was named league MVP. After making his first major breakthrough, Westbrook went into Superman mode and finished the next three seasons averaging a triple-double.


Westbrook has been the subject of severe criticism throughout his career, despite this unprecedented run of success. The attacks appear to have reached new heights ever since he joined LeBron James on the Lakers last season.


When the Lakers failed to make the playoffs in their first season with the duo, everyone who had doubted the pair’s ability to mesh on the court was proved correct. When combined with Russell Westbrook’s personal difficulties, the Lakers’ recent play has convinced Ronnie2K and company that the former MVP has seen better days.


The fact is more sensible than sentiments, so go ahead and give him the lowest Shot IQ in NBA 2K23. Westbrook is shooting only 29.0 percent from the field and 8.0 percent from deep for the winless Los Angeles Lakers thus far this NBA season. 


Looking at those odds, a 25 Shot IQ rating isn’t too farfetched. It was disheartening to see the decline of a once-great player. He used to be a fantastic player, but now he’s ruining his reputation. It’s awful that many people have already forgotten his prior actions and see him just as a joke.

Westbrook was undoubtedly one of the league’s finest players not so long ago, but those days are far behind him. But in the NBA 2K game, you can keep your royal as long as you can turn to buymmog for help, we are rather luckier than him, aren’t we?



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