The Electric Vehicles (EVs) is a growing industry and seems to be a viable alternative to vehicles run on petrol and diesel. In fact, it is being said that EVs are the next big thing in the industry as they are eco-friendly. Especially, the market for electric scooters and bikes is constantly on the rise because of its convenience and coolness. However, a major concern associated with all EV vehicles is that they are quite expensive, and everyone cannot afford them.

But what if we tell you that there exists a platform that sells quality electric bikes & scooters at affordable prices. Moose Scooters, a UK-based company, provides you with a wide range of refurbished electric scooters from different brands.


About Moose Scooters

Moose scooters is a company that procures electric scooters from different brands and sells them in refurbished form. To ensure that only the best reaches its customers, Moose scooters procure and stock only ex-display & approved used scooters. After having obtained the scooters, the company then repairs them & restores them to ‘brand new’ like condition. These scooters are then graded and sold at extremely affordable prices depending upon the buyers’ needs and budget.

Depending upon the condition of the refurbished scooters, they are graded into three categories- mint, good & fair. Moose scooters offer some unique policies in terms of warranties, returns & moneyback which make it a reliable, high-quality & trustworthy brand. The company offers warranty periods of 6 months, 3 months and 1 month for mint, good and fair condition respectively. Also, the company allows you to return your scooter even after use. You can ride and test the scooter for 5 kms. If you don’t like it, you can return it hassle-free within 30 days and get back the complete amount paid.


Brand Associations & Popular Products

The company procures its range of electric scooters from some of the best brands in the industry. These include the likes of Pure Electric, Xiaomi, Segway, Razor, Unagi, etc. The collection at Moose scooters also includes the latest models of these brands. For instance, Pure Air Pro, Pure Air Go, Xiaomi m365 are all available at Moose scooters.

Currently, its three best-selling scooters include- Ninebot Segway’s two variants- the e22e and the e25e, and also Reid’s e4 Plus. Apart from the best-selling variants, there is a handsome collection of kids scooters, accessories, and other wearables.


Buyer Purchase Assistance Service & Quality Assurance

Given the number of models that the Moose Scooters have, it can be difficult for the buyers to select one. To address this problem of plenty, the company has a special customer cell that assists customers in buying. The company has electric bikes and scooters experts who help you make the right choice depending upon your budget & preferences.

Also, since the products being offered are refurbished, the company has a comprehensive 16-point Moose check quality assurance system.


Payment & Trade-In Facilities

The company provides the facility of quick trade-in where you can swap in your old bike for a new one. The price is automatically adjusted depending upon the value of your old bike/scooter. Further, the company also allows you to pay in installments or even later through platforms like Klarna, Paypal-credit, ClearPay, etc. The company has a robust delivery system throughout the UK. The standard delivery is free of cost while next day delivery costs only 4.99 pounds.

Though these scooters are yet to attain legal assent to be driven on roads, they are certainly the way forward. Until then, the customer bears the risk related to driving an electric scooter.

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