List of Top 10 Music Apps For iPad and iPhone in 2021

The nest music apps not only ensure seamless streaming but also a wide variety of songs and playlists to enjoy a long, quality music session. Hence, it is essential to install only the best music-streaming apps on your Smartphone. With so many out there, choosing only a few can be quite tedious. But you need not worry as long as you have the right suggestions at your disposal.


So, here we present the list of the top 10 music apps to enjoy an uninterrupted music session on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Apple Music

Well, undoubtedly, this should be the first name on the list, as it is the first-ever music streaming app for iPhone users. Its never-ending library of songs, over 45 million, personalized streaming experience through user suggestions and music habits, and low subscription fee of $10 per month ($5 for students) are reasons for its high popularity. You may also upload up to 1 million songs on Apple’s server to listen to when relaxing.

  • Wynk Music 

This one is available for both iOS and Android devices and is a popular music-streaming app for iPhone users. The cost of a subscription is lower, while the database of music is sufficient enough to keep you busy throughout the day. The best thing is you can download your favorite songs to prevent interruptions in your music sessions due to connectivity issues.

  • Amazon Music

Amazon’s music-streaming platform has over 40 million songs, stations, and playlists to enjoy seamless music sessions. You can plug in while working out, commuting, or simply walking down the road, as it will keep your mind relaxed and energetic. To prevent unnecessary interruptions, you can download a few songs to listen to offline, as and when required.

  • Spotify

A brilliant free music app for iPads and iPhones, this music-streaming platform has a clean and clutter-free interface, well-defined playlists, and millions of songs, some of them with lyrics. The 143 MB app offers a brilliant user experience by updating its playlists according to your music preferences and the trends around you. Although it is essentially a free app, you may need to opt for a premium membership, if you want an ad-free and limitless music session.

  • YouTube Music

YouTube started a separate app for music in 2015, which we know as YouTube music. It is available for download on iPhones as well. On this platform, you can not only listen to songs for free but also in video formats. It offers personalized functions based on the latest music trends, your preferences, and music habits. But its main drawback is the intruding ads that hamper your music experience. Further, the music stops when you switch to another app or lock your phone, as it does not work in the background like most other advanced music apps. However, it is useful to most, as people can access all the music on YouTube’s official platform through this app.


  • SoundCloud

Well, this one is a favorite of, wait, everyone! One of the most unique and free music app for iPads, SoundCloud helps your upload songs, recordings, and podcasts too. Several communities of musicians and podcasters use this app to expand their musical network. You can listen to their compositions and creations here, thus enjoying a dynamic music experience. If you want, you can like or comment on these sections, thus increasing collaboration.

  • Pandora

It is somewhat indispensable for iOS users. They have not grown tired of using it yet. For ten years, it has been entertaining the music-loving audience without any expenses. Yes, that is right! Pandora is free to use. It has a clean interface that helps find songs easily. Besides, it offers additional features, like alarm functions and sleep-timers. So the list cannot be complete without mentioning Pandora.

  • Bandcamp

D you wish to contribute to a new artist’s future, besides listening to his/her music? The Bandcamp is best for such activities. You can support artists and struggling musicians directly from here. For music, well, it is a streaming app with an extensive database of songs. You may also get to hear new songs now and then, as they tend to favor new artists a lot. It is not free, but you need not buy any subscription. You buy directly from the artists and contribute to their glorious future. The only drawback maybe you will not get all your favorite songs on the platform, but you never know, your idea of favorite may change after you listen to the new songs.

  • Audiomack

With its extended database of hot and trendy songs, playlists, and mixtapes, the Audio Mack ensures an unmatched experience to its subscribers. You can comment on tracks while listening, and help increase their visibility. The app allows you to select your favorite artists after registration so that you can customize your music-streaming experience. You need to pay $5 per month for that subscription. If you want to listen for free, you may have to tolerate the ads that keep popping in between your music.

  • Tidal 

This one also offers both free and subscribed music, based on your requirements and preferences. However, it is best to buy the subscription to go ad-free and enjoy a seamless music session. The app offers an enhanced experience in the form of the latest music videos, interviews, and an offline option to immerse in the music completely without any disturbance. On Tidal, you can also share tracks with other people through the messaging platforms. With its 60 million user base, Tidal has a powerful and lasting presence in the music-streaming market.


As usual, we will give you the task to find out if we missed any apps in the list. If yes, do share!

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