Modern day gaming has taken the world by a storm. The internet has completely revolutionised the way video games are played worldwide. Apart from PCs, we can now play the games on specialised gaming devices like playstations & XBOX. The Call of Duty is one game that has been a frontrunner in shooting games for a long time now. Its recent upgrades that involve battle setups have attracted many gaming aficionados. However, with a huge rise in the number of gamers worldwide playing online, connectivity problems can often become an issue. ‘Modern warfare unable to access online services’, ‘call of duty unable to access online services’, are some common error messages.

Major Causes of These Errors


These errors can arise due to issues from either the end of the server or the client. While there’s a little that we can do about server issues, client-sided issues can be resolved. The first step towards the same is to identify the cause behind the same. Some common causes include slow or unstable internet, DNS issues, temporary server, etc. These issues can surface on any gaming device like PC, XBOX, playstation, mobile, etc.

Ways to Fix Unable to Access Online Services Modern Warfare Error

Several techniques or methods can be applied to resolve these accessibility issues. Here’s a look at some of them:

  1. Basic Troubleshooting Points: These tips can help you resolve the issue without much difficulty or delay. Such errors might occur due to problems in game, device or network. Thus, you can solve the issue by restarting the game and the blizzard launcher. Apart from this, reconnecting to the server can also help in refreshing the network connection. Also, you can restart the router or even the entire system to cope with this issue. These simple methods can often solve these issues.
  2. Change of Region: Call of Duty like any other game automatically detects your region of play. However, you can always change it while setting up the game or while trying to resolve the concerned errors. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change the region.

Step 1: Open Blizzard Launcher

Step 2: Open the Blizzard Battle Menu and select Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Step 3: Click on the globe icon that appears at the bottom of your screen

Step 4: Select any region out of Asia, Europe or America barring your current region and rerun the game.

  1. Changing DNS Server on playstation: To solve the ‘unable to access online services modern warfare’ on playstation, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open network settings and view connection status.

Step 2: Jot down the IP Address, subnet mask and default gateway and select set up custom internet connection in network settings.

Step 3: Manually enter the IP address and then in DNS, enter one of the following IPs:

                        Google: Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:

                      Cloudflare: Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:

                      OpenDNS: Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:

Step 4: Choose automatic MTU settings and test your internet connection.


These are some major ways of resolving this modern warfare unable to access online services issues.



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