What is Picuki? How to Use it?

You must have noticed that Instagram doesn’t have a feature to see users’ profile pictures in full size. You cant even zoom in on that picture. Also, for other images as well, there is no download feature. In short, you can access any of your or anyone else’s Instagram media. Even if you wish to watch a post or any of the stories or reels through a link, you first need to create an Instagram account. Only then can you manage and access Instagram media.

What is Picuki?

Picuki is an Instagram customized tool. It allows you to watch posts and stories on Instagram anonymously. Picuki allegedly has the entire data of Instagram stories of public profiles. So is an Instagram story viewer that allows users to view reports of any public Instagram account anonymously. It collects all of the users’ stories in one place and allows its users to access any public account without even revealing their unique Instagram credentials. It is easy to access, as it only requires a username.

Why choose Picuki?

This super beneficial tool for Instagram will let you watch stories anonymously and give you access to their entire account media. This will allow you to download anything from their account, and they will not even get to know you. It is effortless and anonymous as you don’t have to log in with your credentials.

How does Picuki work?

Picuki is a proven application for Instagram hack success. It is an anonymous download tool and a story viewing tool.

It will get you access to any public user’s entire media, including stories, posts, likes, comments, followers, and everything. The work of Picuki is accessible and learnable. Anyone with low social media handling experience can access it. It doesn’t even ask for your Instagram social credentials.

Picuki Legibility

Picuki is 100% LEGIT AND SAFE.

The application doesn’t work for any of your personal information; even if it does, it does not store and save it for future reference. t does not store any of your personal information. This makes it safe for its users. You can use Picuki with zeo safety concerns.


Also, Picuki is all legal. If you think watching someone’s stories and downloading their media content will get you in trouble, you don’t need to worry about that. It’s legal to use. Since it doesn’t provide any hacking services, it is safe and legit.


However, there is always a user responsibility. Users need to make things aligned from their end and should not misuse the services for cyberbullying and other cybercrime.

Privacy Policy

Picuki gives you a private service. It anonymously lets you use and check profiles on Instagram.

  • You can use your account anonymously.
  • Keep the Picuki application saved
  • You can even get access to your account
  • Check out your budget as well.
  • And use Instagram as a user.

But make sure you keep a low-key engagement.

Download Feature

Picuki allows you to download any image from any public account on Instagram. Whether it is a story or post, you will get a download button at the bottom of your screen. This allows you to download images from your own and any other public account on Instagram without notifying them.

Editing Feature

Picuki comes with fantastic yet mind-blowing features that Instagram might now allow you. You can edit your account by clicking on the button to edit your profile on the screen interface.


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